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Baby Doll Dress - Bubblegum Pink

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Baby Doll Dress – Bubblegum Pink


Sustainably Sourced | Responsibly Made


woven cotton blend leftover fabric


Available sizes XS-XL


Fit is true to size, however, if you are larger in the chest measurement, we recommend sizing up. give at least an additional 1/2-3/4 inch on each side (chest) for comfort and to prevent buttons from pulling 


Chest of dress measurement from left to right seam (double for total chest measurement)


Length of dress measurement from shoulder hem to bottom hem


Measurement (chest/length/sleeve opening)


XS – 17/34.5/6 inches


S – 18/35.5/6.25 inches


M – 19.5/35.5/7 inches


L – 21.5/36/8 inches


XL – 23.5/38/8.5  inches


Fabric Fit & Care

Most of our leftover fabrics cannot be replaced. So, while our silhouettes restock, most colors and prints are exclusive.


We repurpose leftover for our garments, they often vary in sizing from one fabric to another. Please check each garment for color/fabric/sizing information.  


CARE: Machine wash cold/ gentle cycle. Hang dry/Lay-Flat Dry. 


We recommend washing inside/out and air-drying will keep make your clothing last longer. For maximum benefits and to keep the softness to your garments we recommend NOT USING FABRIC SOFTENER OR DRYER SHEETS. We use wool dryer balls to keep our clothing looking it’s best! Better for your clothing and the environment