Who We Are

Your life is Evolving. The way you shop for clothing is too.

We are a responsible clothing brand that provides affordable, sustainable quality clothing for women. Connecting your clothing with the humans who make them and the environment from which they come.


Evolving | We are dreamers, investors and advocates. We encourage change and growth. Investing in others because we can do so much more together. See how we are accomplishing that here

Heart | We are not willing to compromise people for things. We’re an ethically made brand without sweatshop labor, and treat our team as equal partners and collaborators.

Environment |  The lower the quantity, the higher the quality. We believe in a better way to create products by using eco-friendly fabrics that have minimal impact such as locally sourced deadstock/waste fabric, tencel, modal, linen, locally made textiles and zero waste. We make every piece from start to finish in-house.


Leftover fabric. The unused materials  left over from major fashion houses and designers.  Some estimate that there are 40 billion square meters of leftover textiles worldwide each year. Our goal is to reduce and reuse that fabric. Estimates say that only 20% of textiles are recycled globally, which means 80% end up in landfill or incinerated (Worn Again, 2017). Using leftover fabric has its challenges. Limited quantities, knowing the fabric content and the variety of fabric can cause fit variations, but yet, there is perfectly good fabric available and we know there is a way to balance it all. We are committed to using leftover fabric and showing the fabrics on real women with different body types so that customers can feel good about the clothing before they purchase.

Now that I have been able to be a part of pre-production and production of clothing, I’m infuriated and disgusted when I see a shirt for $5. How is that even possible?  How are the workers treated? What were they paid? There are real people behind each piece of clothing you wear! We center our business around not being a part of the problem. We want to be a part of a solution. We want to give you the opportunity to be a part of that solution.

I didn’t create this brand for myself, I want everyone to benefit, that is why we consider our production team and our customers as a part of our team.

Our customers benefit by our direct-to-consumer pricing making sustainable options for them more affordable and they’re helping to reduce the amount of textile pollution by choosing to wear upcycled clothing. 

More information on Fast Fashion


My name is Amy and I’m the founder and designer of Evolverie.

The personal short version: I am married, have 2 kids, a pup named Oliver and have lived in Columbus, Ohio my entire life. I enjoy taking long walks with my pup while listening to talk radio, lunches and wine nights with girlfriends with lot’s of chatting, date nights with my husband, reading with my daughter, family dinners oh and licorice… lot’s and lot’s of licorice (and ice cream)! P.S. I don’t drink caffeine! 




The personal/business some-what longer version: 20 years ago, I dreamed of starting a clothing company, but never one like Evolverie. 

Forced to live with less, due to a smaller family budget, my only factor when clothes shopping was if it was on sale. Patting myself on the back for “getting that for a steal” and then letting it sit in my closet. I was wasting money on clothing just because it was on sale or trendy vs. if it really worked for my body, my style or my existing closet. Were others having the same experiences? 

Frustration kicked in. I was throwing away my hard-earned money to large corporations, cheap clothing, cheap labor and fashion that was past it’s time 6 months later, I began to focus on quality vs. quantity. Style vs. Trends. Not just in my personal life but also in my business. 

Along the way, I found that expensive clothing doesn’t always equal better quality of material or that it’s made ethically. Sustainable clothing shouldn’t be limited to only an elite group of people. Looking to create a positive change, simply put, Evolverie evolved. 

I believe clothing should be ethically designed, made, sustainably sourced and affordable. I work with a wonderful team who hand-make each garment from start-to-finish using locally sourced and sustainable materials. I also believe that time and attention adds value to Evolverie’s clothing, sharing how our clothing is made from design, to sourcing, to production.

Our main goal is to make you feel good in the clothing. And just as important, make you feel good about the clothing.