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Pull-On Crop Pant - Sky Blue

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Product Details

Swingy wide-leg pull-on crop pants in a woven cotton blend leftover fabric. They’re like wearing pajamas!  


Special enough for the office, with a pull-on waistband so comfy you’ll forget that you’re at work! 

Casual enough to be paired with sneakers and a tee and feel less constricted to run all those errands or play with the kids. 


Side pockets (of course) and decorative back pockets complete the details.

The pants are made from start-to-finish by hand using leftover cotton blend fabric in a zero-waste facility


** this is original first run on extended sizing pants (extended sizing has since been revised in 2022) and this fit is more of a petite fit - be sure to check the rise and and in-seam sizing below 


When taking your measurements – double the number below for waist/hips for total (example, XS waistband is 13 and doubled would be 26 inches) Rise measurement is from top of waistband to crotch seam.


Pant measurements:


Waist Band/Waist Stretched/Rise/Hip/In-Seam


3X -19/23/13.5/27/24 inches

Fabric & Care

Most of our leftover fabrics cannot be replaced. So, while our silhouettes restock, most colors and prints are exclusive.


We repurpose leftover fabric for our garments, they often vary in sizing from one fabric to another. Please check each garment for color/fabric/sizing information.  


CARE: Machine wash cold/gentle cycle. NO HEAT for wash or drying. Hang or lay-flat to dry.


We recommend washing inside/out and air-drying will keep make your clothing last longer. For maximum benefits and to keep the softness to your garments we recommend NOT USING FABRIC SOFTENER OR DRYER SHEETS. We use wool dryer balls to keep our clothing looking it’s best! Better for your clothing and the environment

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